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Backyard homes in California are generating extra income to homeowners

Access to an extra and lifetime income, benefit your mortgage payment, make an investment that helps your family, building a backyard home, design your Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) in California, state laws give you this opportunity as an encouragement, acquiring new rights over your home.

ADU Modern Design is your perfect ally.

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We are ADU Modern Design, we have 30 years of experience in all the services of design and construction of backyard homes, if you want to know the cost of an accessory dwelling unit, we will help you to know the price quickly and free of charge, we will help you make the investment decision, all homeowners have the right to build their auxiliary housing. If you are a homeowner you have the opportunity to benefit and provide solutions to the California State housing crisis.

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Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) in California


Are you a homeowner and want to generate extra and lifetime income?

The State of California has created opportunities for the homeowners and their homes, with the laws AB68, SB13, AB881, AB670, AB2299, that legalized and regulated the creation of the accessory dwelling units (ADU), junior accessory dwelling units (JADU) and multifamily housing units.

In California homeowners can replace their garage from being a deposit site to a productive place that will provide long-term economic opportunities and help to reduce the state´s housing crisis. Remember: all California homeowners should design and build a backyard home. UCLA University has designed an interesting guide for accessory dwelling units in Los Angeles, you can check it here.


In California the accessory dwelling units (ADU) are an economic encouragement:

Homeowners can rent the Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU) for living or for tourism in order to help their selves to pay the mortgage and at the same time generate some extra income, the accessory dwelling units (ADU) are affordable in their design and construction, because the infrastructure purchased is minimal and they don´t have to pay for extra land, they are also free of elevators and mandatory structured parking lots.

The wooden frame with which most houses are manufactured is built in the inner courtyard, they are inexpensive structures that give homeowners new opportunities for construction and family union, because some of the houses are meant for large families to live together but independently, preserving their privacy. You can also make your accessory dwelling unit;

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Accessory dwelling units (ADU) in California what are they?

As explained on the official Los Angeles County website, Accessory dwelling units are an innovative, affordable, and effective option for adding needed housing to the state that is in an affordable housing crisis. They are secondary units within the same unit, are separate in bathroom and kitchen, up to 1,200 extra square feet can be added to your home. Thus, homeowners have the option of deciding how they organize utilities whether they are independent or not. Backyard homes in California are built to lease, not to sell independently.

There are also junior accessory dwelling units (JADUs), which are backyard homes as well, but they are dependent on the main house, because they don´t require a bathroom. JADUs can be a maximum size of 500 square feet, with a kitchen for small appliances.

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